Take care of you and us of the planet

Our packaging

For our shampoos, solid and creamy care, we opted for a kraft packaging coated with a corn starch film on the inside for a waterproof action. The product is fully recyclable.

For our soaps, we use a simple recycled and recyclable kraft paper banner

Palm oil is packaged in a compostable bag.

We are working on the only packaging that we are not very proud of and the glass bottle for our Rose Water, which remains 100% recyclable.

To avoid waste, we offer bulk purchase directly on our website. Choose the option "in bulk"

Our suppliers

We cannot say it enough, in 90% of cases it is not a question of the product but of the supplier. We can prove this with our Palm Done Right “darling”. In addition to producing remarkable palm oil, it is a pleasure to work with them on a daily basis. They do not cause deforestation, work in peace with animals and the environment and support entire communities in respectful working conditions.

They chose to produce the impossible we decided to follow them

Of course, these are not the only ones. 100% of our suppliers are certified organic and we are waiting for the necessary funds to obtain the label. All our suppliers are French with the exception of Palm Done Right, their representative is located in Holland.

The making

As you know, Mont-Cocon Chamonix is ​​a family business, we make our cosmetics by hand with love. We will lie if we tell you that we don't want this to change. Indeed, we hope to invest in machines, to increase our production, while keeping a family spirit and artisanal know-how.

The environmental impact of products

All our cosmetics are 100% biodegradable, made from natural and vegan raw materials.

Is that enough to claim to be green?

Of course we wish we could do more. We would like to develop a partnership with an ecological foundation to participate in the protection of our eco-system. We already know which one but Shhh it's a secret!