Marina Sebaaoui, Founder of the brand
A world without waste, where plastic does not exist and flora and fauna express themselves freely! This is grossomodo the dream of Marina Sebaaoui who, after a one-year trip around the globe, decided to open a company to help restore our pachamama.
So why cosmetics?
Our bathroom is a dump of plastic without us even realizing it.
From when we wake up to our workplace, we use an average of 10 different cosmetic products (shower gel, face cleanser, face cream, toothpaste, mascara, lipstick ...)
So since 2015, Marina has been designing her zero waste natural cosmetics for personal use, with no particular purpose. But it was in 2019 after a long journey and a lot of questioning that the idea of ​​marketing germinated and the adventure began.
Cali Colombia - November 2019 "I meet a French woman in a souvenir shop and advise her to buy a solid zero waste shampoo from a local brand. Then when I leave the store, I decide to open my own brand, on a sudden head start the project was born "
November 2019, start of the project
August 2020, creation of the company
November 2020, first commercialization